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Today's Business demands the very best from its Data Network Systems. Ever increasing numbers of User's, sharing more and more powerful computer resources, puts tremendous strain on Network Systems. Add to this the requirement to integrate systems form a variety of Manufacturers and to communicate with legacy systems then the correct choice of Integrator is of paramount importance.

Lan & Wan, have had many years of in-house expertise to provide our customers with the Computer Network solutions that increased Business demands.

Our network management consultancy can provide highly experienced and qualified communication specialists to offer input at all stages of the Network project for lifetime.

Lan & Wan has teamed up with some of the Industries leading vendors, to supply both specific and open Network solutions.
  • Data Network Services

  • Network management Consultancy

  • Network Design Consultancy

  • Data Network Installation and Support

  • Network Analysis

  • Configuration of Routers and Switches

  • Firewalls

  • Project Management

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The History of Networks
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Building Blocks to your Network
Information about planning your network infrastructure

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